The Mysteries of Exel

This week has proven frustrating in my quest to learn about Exel; specifically ways I can use it in education. I am able to perform data entry on a spreadsheet, which helped me get started on a project that I have to complete for my job.  At least I have learned to function using Exel on a very simple level.  However, I am having a lot of problems with building formulas to get the program to do things I would like it to do. My tutoring session seemed to help me understand how to create one formula, but when I tried it at home, it did not work consistently.  I feel a lot of pressure to accomplish something each time I sit down at the computer; life is busy and I have never had much patience with the kind of trial and repeated error that has plagued me all week. I am going to try to study the book one more time to see if I can clear up my persistent state of confusion. Ignorance is not bliss!!


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